The global leader in pure-digital payments.

Flexa offers the fastest, most fraud-proof payments network in the world.

  • Guaranteed settlement
  • Flexible integration options
  • USD, CAD, and more...
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The new paradigm for fast, fraud-proof payments.

Flexa improves upon credit, debit, and cash transactions in almost every possible way.

Guaranteed settlement.

Flexa’s digital network eliminates chargebacks and unexpected reversals, so you can take payments with confidence. Even better, we 100% guarantee all payments from the moment they hit your POS.

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Flexible integration options.

Flexa connects directly to your existing payment infrastructure through a wide variety of processors, middleware providers, and cloud POS. We also offer SDK and API options for custom integrations.

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Global currencies.

Give your customers the freedom to pay in the currency of their choice. We support payments made in USD and CAD digital dollars, along with a dozen popular loyalty tokens and digital currencies.

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Supported by an entire ecosystem
of digital payment apps.


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AirGap Wallet

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Dash Wallet

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Trusted at over 41,336 locations in the US and Canada.

Ready to get started with Flexa payments?

Flexa in-store payments are available now, and we’re currently testing online acceptance with a limited group of merchants. To join the network, fill out our quick survey and a team member will be in touch.

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Looking to discuss custom integrations?

At Flexa, we pride ourselves on finding ways to integrate seamlessly with your existing technology. Reach out to a team member to learn more about additional integration options that may be available.

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